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Earthmoving Tyres near Sydney and Wilton

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Car Tyres

Having the right car tyres can greatly improve the performance and durability of your car and minimize energy waste. Enjoy a smooth, comfortable ride with control in adverse weather conditions. Call us today!

Truck Tyres

At Resolution Tyres we can help unlock your truck's full potential by fitting them with tyres that are tough, durable and comfortable. Our tyres have off-road traction & handling and are built for adventure and comfort.

4WD Tyres

Your car can take you so many places. With 4WD tyres they can take you even further with their ability to overcome all kinds of obstacles and terrain. Call us today to get your vehicle fitted with 4WD tyres.

Tractor Tyres

To operate a powerful vehicle such as a tractor, you need equally powerful tyres. Our tyres are built to operate the demanding and challenging terrain with protection from sharp stones and rocks that could pierce regular tyres.
Tyre Rotation, Air Pressure, and Replacement Experts

Light Truck Tyres

We understand that you depend on your truck for all kinds of tasks and jobs. Because of that, we fit your truck with only the most reliable tyres to keep you going!

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